Top 18 Tools & Resources for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents are some of the hardest working, most determined people I know.

They also have approximately a zillion things to do and not enough time.

Pour on things like online marketing, blogging, tracking business expenses, and finding the right technology, and it can get overwhelming.

If you’re that real estate agent, I trust these tools will help. A lot.

Some of these resources are highly recommended from my own experience with them. I even created a couple of them. Everything on this list was handpicked for how it can save you time or money, and help you get the results you’re after.

Let’s check them out!

Top 18 Tools & Resources for Real Estate Agents

Tools For Your Website or Blog

​1. Killer Blog Post Titles
40 Formulas for Killer Blog Post Titles invites you to copy and paste these fill-in-the blank titles for proven, attention-grabbing headlines.

2. 33 Blog Posts Now
Stuck with what to blog about? This free downloadable cheat sheet delivers just what it says — 33 blog posts. Now.

3. Free Photos for your Website
You know the power of a quality photo. Get free, professional photos for your online and print materials at,, and Flicker Creative Commons. (Pexels is my favorite place to get photos)

4. Protect Your Posts and Photos
Your client’s photos, your own professional headshots… they’re all online, ripe for anyone else’s picking. This service prevents your photos from being pirated, recycled, or misused. Learn more about how guards your content here.

5. Free Website
I have used Weebly for years and have been greatly pleased with it. It’s super easy to set up, has an array of themes to choose from, and, perhaps my favorite part, it’s free! Check out Weebly here.

6. Agent Press Pro — a Wordpress Theme for Realtors
If you’re on Wordpress, or want to be, this may be just the theme for you. Specially designed for real estate agents, it’s got what you need to make a visual impact, be managed easily, and list properties professionally. Check it out here.

7. Studio Press
This Wordpress theme is designed by CopyBlogger, pros in the online marketing
space. For a minimal fee, they offer this fantastic theme, and hosting
as well. See it here.

Ah, Grammarly, how you’ve saved me so many accidental typos and misspells. This awesome little tool even checks your social media posts. Highly recommend this baby.

9.Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World
Michael Hyatt, former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, mentors leaders on how to leverage their influence, online and off, and to get the life you want. One of the big players in the online marketing realm, Micheal’s advice
will help you grow your online presence to the next level (and then
some) Check out his book, Platform: ​ Get Noticed in a Noisy World, here.

Tools for your Business

10. Apple Ipad
I’ll let this video by Garry Wise, of The Paperless Agent, show you why ipad’s are the
realtor’s new best friend when it comes to serving clients. In the meantime, if
you’re in the market, for an ipad, here’s a good one.

11. ​Easy 3D Home Models for Your Listings
Get an edge in your advertising with 3D home imaging. With Sketch Up Pro,
there’s no need to buy an expensive 3D camera. Offering 3D mockups is easier
than you thought. Learn more about SketchUpPro here. Also, you might want to
check out this add-on — Skalp offers a buffet of sections, patterns, and designs to
save time and add style to your 3D models. Check them out here.

12. Freshbooks Cloud Accounting
When I saw the features on this cloud accounting software, I knew I had to have
it. Not only did it help me make branded, professional invoices and accept credit
card payments right on the invoice, but the software also enables the tracking of
expenses by snapping a photo of your receipt. To see what I mean, take a peek at Freshbooks here.

​ 13. Grasshopper Virtual Phone System
Streamline communications, all using your cell phone. A toll free number or local
number can be linked up to your cell. Multiple extensions for team members, call forwarding, and voice mail transcription are just a few of the benefits of the
Grasshopper virtual phone system.

14. VistaPrint
For years I (and some of my clients) have gotten top quality business cards,
postcards, envelope address stickers, tradeshow banners, and more from from
VistaPrint. I’m always happy with their products. And, on every order they give me
a discount code for the next time. Brilliant. I highly recommend checking out
Vista Print here.

15. BlueTooth Hardware
When you’re doing business on the go, BlueTooth gadgets are a necessity. They
just are. Which of these do you already have? Or need?

16. Laptops.
Obviously. Get a boatload here. Shipped right to your door.

17. The Inside Scoop on Real Estate
Realtors can be a guarded, secretive bunch, can’t they? Thankfully, there are
agents and other experts who share their secrets in books, podcasts, and
webinars. Here are a few books to get you started. (“The Book of YES” looks

18. Income
You’ve got a website, you’ve got traffic … wouldn’t it be great if you could help those visitors and also make money for it? You can. By telling them about
various products and services you’re familiar with or you think would benefit
them, you’ll help them. And, if those products and services happen to have
affiliate programs, sign up and earn a cut for your referrals. Sounds fair to me. Here’s one place to get paid for referring people to great services.

What are some tools and resources you’d add to this list?



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