How To Write When You Don’t Have Time (Two Effective Approaches)

Barrier-Busting Behaviors

  1. Morning pages (each morning, she kicks off the day with a dedicated writing time — this is a playful time in which she lets her fingers run with thoughts, painting the blank page with anything at all. It’s a free-flowing time to wake up creativity — even if, when it wakes up, it has bad breath and bed head. The writing is not meant to be a masterpiece, the goal is to wake it up and allow it to exist, whatever its state.)
  2. Time Blocking
    This practice of blocking off a piece of time for writing is core to continued practice. This can look like a weekly appointment with yourself (as I do in my weekly Writing Workshop), or it can look like a quarterly all-day session, as Deanne offers in her Writing Retreat. (Next one’s in January!)

Barrier-Busting Beliefs




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