I’ve often wondered over the years what the point of writing prompts are. They didn’t seem that practical, especially when there were other things I’d rather write.

The first writing prompt I ever recall doing was to write a scene from the perspective of a doorknob. My first thought was…

Writer’s Block — what is it? And, more importantly, how does one move past it and finally become able to write?

Is Writer’s Block simply the inability to write? Is it a lack of enjoyment of writing? …

If you’re swirling in a sea of ideas, frustrated with your confusion, I get it.

I’ve been there. I was there for years.
That’s a long time.

I started relating very personally to the Israelites who wandered in the desert for four decades.)

What My Confusion Looked Like:


Does this sound familiar?

“I just can’t seem to get myself to write.”
“I have a pile of projects I want to work on, and end up doing none.”
“I keep procrastinating. Help!”

If you’ve said any of those things recently, this is the article for you.

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I’ve talked with…

Writing is scary.

Letting someone read what you’ve written is even scarier.

When you take that bold new step and put your writing in someone else’s hands, two things usually happen.

First, a nauseous wave of panic lurches your stomach, and you hope you didn’t suddenly contract a stomach disease

When the COVID-19 virus sent us all into isolation, one of my first thoughts was, “Yay! I have all this extra time, I’m so gonna get stuff done!”

I imagined immense productivity and quickly made lists. Spring clean my house. Write two books. Craft a series of articles. Launch two…

Story telling is about creating connections.

As story tellers, our job is to first connect ourselves to the story, writing authentically from some truth in us. Our second job then becomes to connect readers to the story and characters in a meaningful way.

One of the most effective ways to…

Life gives us truckloads of opportunity to experience rejection, doesn’t it?

Some of us get more “opportunity” than others.

I’ve come to realize I’m one of the lucky buggers who gets a bigger helping of it than some. From my early childhood yearnings for mommy and daddy to love me…

As someone who has experienced years of anxiety, I am deeply grateful to tell you such fear is not a death sentence or a permanent state of being.
Victory can be had.

Fear Asks Permission

I used to get panic attacks in crowds. Conferences, the mall, any large crowd, really…

Ever notice how the dreams you have and the goals you set are big, and the results you get seem so very small?

I have a problem with this. I’m a major optimist and love to dream and have all kinds of big, shiny ideas.

Optimism is wonderful, and even…

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